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Passed down through generations, the techniques and traditions used to create outstanding and thoughtful art is rich with culture. Let us share them with you.

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The process of decorating an item with beads is slow and deliberate work. It takes patience and attention to detail, as each individual bead is picked up on a thin needle and hand-sewn into its place.

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Fish Scale

Fish are a traditional staple in many Yukon First Nations cultures, so it’s not surprising that the scales are used in their art. It’s delicate, fine work that takes patience and care.

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Formline is a vibrant dynamic artform often seen in Indigenous drawing, painting, carving, metalwork and weaving.

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Moosehide Tanning

Tanning is a process that transforms an animal skin into a soft, durable and water-resistant leather that can be used to make useful things like boots and jackets.

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Porcupine quills are specialized hollow hairs that the animal grows for protection. It takes several days to prepare raw quills so they can be used for quillwork.

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Ravenstail Weaving

Ravenstail weaving is an ancient artform that gets its name from the lively tufts of wool that are left loose to move and flow, like the tailfeathers of a bird, when the piece is danced.

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Tufting is a decorative art that uses small bunches of moose or caribou hair to create sculpted designs on hide, birch bark, or other backing materials.

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Wood Carving

Wood carving is an artform that combines hard physical labour with large amounts of creativity and finely tuned skills. It takes decades of experience to master.

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