The Kluane First Nation Peoples of Burwash Landing

DÀNNCH’E – How are you? Welcome to Á Tsì Keyí, meaning “my grandfather’s country,” nestled on the shores of the vast lake we call Lhù’ààn Mân’ (Kluane Lake).

Our citizens are Lhù’ààn Mân’ Ku Dań - people of Kluane Lake. Our small community stays actively involved territorially, nationally and internationally via the Internet, satellite, cellular telephone and postal networks. We also stay connected with travel through the Burwash Airport and on the Alaska Highway. Our citizens are progressive leaders engaged in professional and social enterprises at home and far beyond. We strive to maintain high literacy, encourage advanced education and promote employability for all Kluane First Nation citizens.

Our focus is on living well and responsibly in an ever-changing world. The bounty of Kluane provides delicious healthy foods, including fish, moose, small game, edible roots and berries. With ample summer daylight, local gardeners harvest fresh vegetables. We are pursuing solar and wind as green energy options to reduce our dependence on diesel and generation of greenhouse gases. Our ancestors were fearless trailblazers as hunters, guides and outfitters. Today we are charting new courses with self-government, economic development, investment in mining, partnerships in new technologies, and participation in management of Kluane National Park and Wildlife Preserve and Reserve, the Asi Keyi Natural Environment Park and the Pickhandle Lake Habitat Protection Area. In Lhù’ààna – Kloo Lake area – you will find an outdoor paradise to thrill your senses – glorious vistas, crisp clean air, aromatic wild sedges in summer, snow-draped forests in winter. Shàw Níthan for visiting our beautiful land.

It's here that I am inspired to write songs

There is a point along the Alaska Highway where you catch your first glimpse of Lhù’ààn Mân’ (Kluane Lake). I look forward to that vista every time I drive home – understanding I am more part of this land than it is part of me. I travel to many places but none fills me with the wonder that home does. It’s here that I am inspired to write songs. This land, people, animals, cycle of nature, history, outside forces, and challenges are Kluane’s gifts. Wind from ice and ocean blows away the shell we hide behind leaving us feeling renewed and inspired.
Diyet, singer/songwriter

Things to do in Burwash Landing

Kluane Museum of Natural History

Kluane Museum of Natural History

Points of interest in Burwash Landing

  1. Kluane Museum - Explore culture and nature including beautiful beaded clothing, wildlife displays, and interpretive talks. Gift shop open in summers.
  2. Day Hiking Trails - Explore some of our beautiful and easy-to-access trails along Congdon Creek, Mines Creek, Nines Creek, Copper Joe Creek, Duke River, Burwash Creek and Quill Creek
  3. Thachäl Dhäl Visitor Centre - Use spotting scopes to follow rare Dall sheep on the mountains above this intriguing site in Kluane National Park and Reserve. Located one hour north of Haines Junction on the Alaska Highway.
  4. Dän Däy ’edësëdàye Kù - Kluane First Nation Administration Office - Visit a modern First Nation government at work and see displays on our growing economic investments.
  5. Kluane Lake Fishing - Test your angling skills to catch lake trout, inconnu, pike and grayling, then sit back and enjoy a feast well earned on Kluane’s beautiful shores.

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