The Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation People of Carmacks

The Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation is based today at Carmacks on the Yukon River. In earlier times, we travelled with the seasons across our traditional territories to hunt, fish and gather foods needed for survival.

In summer, our people have fish camps along the Yukon River to harvest and dry two species of salmon – the King and Chum – migrating upriver from the Bering Sea. Until recent decades the fish returned by the tens of thousands each year, providing a reliable, plentiful and delicious source of protein that kept us healthy and happy. Now we find our King Salmon fishery is severely depleted, with much smaller fish and drastically reduced numbers. We are working with Indigenous groups in Alaska and the Yukon to study the problems facing the salmon in order to prevent further degradation or even extinction of these magnificent fish.

Our oral traditions are strong and timeless. Most important was and is our Northern Tutchone language that encapsulates the long-standing wisdom of our people – place names that point to particular resources, landmarks to guide our travels, social terms and concepts to help us live well, supporting each other through dark cold winters and bright intense summers. Our Elders’ stories describe the giant animals that shared the land with us and detailed accounts of the methods used to hunt them.

In our language we don’t have a word for goodbye. As our Elders say when visitors leave: Hutl’an nanùch’ín hé “we’ll see you again!”

I was raised by my grandma in the bush

My Northern Tutchone name, Halaleja, means “So rich – always have porcupine.” I was raised by my Grandma in the bush, travelling from Little Salmon to Tlu Tli (meaning “bundle of fish”), our name for Frenchman Lake, and along the Yukon River. We hunted moose, set nets for fish and gathered berries. We always had lots of good food in those days. My Dad worked at wood camps and trapping so we also bought flour, sugar, dried fruits and tea at the store. Grandma was very strict and always wanted me to speak our language so now I am happy I can teach it still to people today.
Halaleja, Elder Agnus Charlie

Things to do in Carmacks

Indigenous Peoples Day

Indigenous Peoples Day

June 21, 2024

Tagé Cho Hudän Interpretive Centre

Tagé Cho Hudän Interpretive Centre

Points of interest in Carmacks

  1. Tagé Cho Hudän Interpretive Centre - Explore the first Yukon First Nation cultural centre and be charmed by its authentic displays and enthusiastic staff telling the stories of our people. A walking trail along the river offers more exhibits of our traditional ways of living on the land.
  2. Little Salmon Carmacks Greenhouse - Marvel at what grows under the midnight sun! Every summer our local market gardeners offer delicious organic produce at the Farmers’ Market. Watch for signs to get dates, times and directions.
  3. Tthi Nädazhe – Five Finger Rapids Trail - See the flowers, birds and insects that share our world in summer – and perhaps catch sight of a bear or moose in the distance. A viewing platform by the highway at the top of the trail offers interpretive panels and beautiful vistas across the wide expanse of the Yukon River valley – perfect for shutterbugs! The trail heads down a flight of stairs with more interpretive signs and onto the river.
  4. Little Salmon Carmacks Administration Building - Visit our government headquarters and learn about our contemporary programs as a self-governing First Nation.
  5. Little Salmon Lake Campground - Camp by the waters of Little Salmon Lake for the ultimate wilderness adventure, accessible from the Campbell Highway.

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